Common questions

Please follow these instructions: How to Reset Waste Ink Counters by WIC Reset Utility

It's as simple as following these 5 steps:
Step 1 – Add the desired quantity of Waste Reset Keys to your shopping cart and proceed to purchase
Step 2 – Checkout your order and confirm payment options including Credit Card, Visa, or Paypal.
Step 3 – Provide your payment details through a secure SSL connection.
Step 4 – A confirmation email will be sent to the provided address (or Paypal address). If not received within an hour, please contact us.
Step 5 – Complete the order and receive your Waste Reset Key via email!

You can download it here

No, WIC Reset Utility does not reset ink cartridges. You'll need to purchase CISS or Auto-Reset Chips or reset cartridges using a Chip Resetter. These products are not provided by us.

The Reset key is for ONE RESET only. You'll need to purchase a new Reset Key each time you need to reset your printer's Waste Ink Counter. Alternatively, you can buy up to 25 keys with a discount to save money!

Absolutely! You can use them for any printers in the supported list.

Please ensure you have the latest version of WIC Reset Utility installed and that your printer is connected via a proper USB cable, NOT LAN or WiFi!

The printer must be connected via USB cable only, not LAN or WiFi!

First, ensure your printer is connected to your PC via a proper USB cable (not WiFi or LAN). Then disable the Epson Status Monitor Utility and reboot the PC.

Typically, waste ink pads are susceptible to early wear. Epson prioritizes device operation and risk reduction, so once the pads are full, the printer may cease functioning, leading to ink leakage and potential damage to other components.

Don't worry, you can continue using your printer by resetting the waste ink counter.

The printer must be connected via USB cable only, no LAN or WiFi!

No, it doesn't! You can use it whenever you need it. Only the professional key (unlimited uses) has a restriction for one year.

Printer resets access a physical chip within the printer and reset a counter back to zero, a process no other program can perform. This may trigger a FALSE POSITIVE ALERT from your computer security system or antivirus/antispyware.
Rest assured, there is no actual virus/trojan within our files.
We have been providing these resets for over 20 years without a single instance of infection.
You can safely reset your printer using WICReset Tool and restore it within minutes.

Join the many thousands who have fixed their printers successfully before you!