General questions

Please following this instruction: How to Reset Waste Ink Counters by WIC Reset Utility

Only 5 Steps to get WIC Reset Key you want:
Step 1 – Put in the Shopping Cart Quantity of Waste Reset Key you need – Buy Key
Step 2 – Checkout your order and confirm you can pay by Credit Card, Visa or Paypal
Step 3 – Provide your payment details through SSL secure connection
Step 4 – A confirmation has been sent to the provided email address (or Paypal address). If you have not received it within the hour, please contact us.
Step 5 – Finish the order and get your Waste Reset Key in email!

Download here – Download

No. You can't reset ink cartridges by WIC Reset Utility. You have to by CISS or Auto-Reset Chips or reset cartridges by Chip Resetter. We don't provide this products.

The RESET KEY is for ONE RESET only. You need to buy a new Reset Key each time you need to reset printer, or You can buy up to 25 KEYs with discount and save your money!

Sure! You can use for any printers in support list above.

Please check if You have latest WIC Reset Utility version, if You have connected printer by proper USB cable – NOT LAN or WiFi!

The printer has to be connected by USB cable only! Not Lan, not WiFi! USB only!

First – be sure You have connected Your printer to PC by proper USB cable (not WiFi or Lan). Then disable the Epson Status Monitor Utility and reboot the PC.

Normally, waste ink pads are easy to end its life span soon. Because Epson is focus on ensuring the operation of their device and reduce the risks of being damages, shortly after you receive the message, your printer stop functioning. Once the pads are full, ink will leak out and affect to other components.

Don’t worry you can still use your printer by reset your waste ink counter.

The printer must be connected only by USB cable! No Lan, no wifi! USB only!

No, it does not! you can use it whenever you want! only the professional key (unlimited uses) has restriction for one year.

All Printer resets access a (physical) chip within the printer and reset a counter back to zero. As no other program is able to do this! Therefore, your computer security system or antivirus/antispyware could flag a virus/trojan alert.

This is known as a FALSE POSITIVE ALERT! There is no ACTUAL virus/trojan within our files!

We have been supplying these resets for over 16 years and there never has been a single occasion of any virus/trojan infection.

You can safely reset your printer with WICReset Tool and bring it back to life within a few minutes!

Go ahead and fix your printer like many thousands of people before you!