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Date: Feb, 2024

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Canon printers

G: G1000 Series, G1010 Series, G2000 Series, GM2000 Series, G2010 Series, G3000 Series, G3010 Series, G4000 Series, G4010 Series, G5000 Series, G6000 Series, G7000 Series

MB: MB2000 Series, MB2100 Series, MB2700 Series, MB5400 Series

MG: MG5100 Series, MG5200 Series, MG5500 Series, MG5600 Series, MG5700 Series

MX: MX470 Series, MX490 Series

TR: TR8500 Series

TS: TS700 Series, TS3400 Series, TS5000 Series, TS5100 Series, TS6000 Series, TS6130 Series, TS6300 Series, TS7330 Series, TS8000 Series, TS8130 Series, TS8230 Series, TS8330 Series, TS9100 Series, TS9500 Series

Epson printers

Artisan: Artisan 50, Artisan 700, Artisan 710, Artisan 720, Artisan 725, Artisan 730, Artisan 800, Artisan 810, Artisan 830, Artisan 835, Artisan 837, Artisan 1430

B: B30, B40W, B42WD, B1100

BX: BX300F, BX305FW, BX305FW+, BX310FN, BX320FW, BX525WD, BX535WD, BX600FW, BX610FW, BX620FWD, BX625FWD, BX630FW, BX635FWD, BX925FWD, BX935FWD

C: C41, C42, C43, C44, C45, C46, C47, C48, C58, C59, C60, C61, C62, C63, C64, C65, C66, C67, C68, C70, C77, C78, C79, C80, C82, C83, C84, C85, C86, C87, C88, C90, C91, C92, C110, C120

Color: Color 760, Color 860, Color 1150, Color 1160

CX: CX2800, CX2900, CX3100, CX3200, CX3300, CX3400, CX3500, CX3600, CX3700, CX3800, CX3900, CX4000, CX4100, CX4200, CX4500, CX4600, CX4700, CX4800, CX4900, CX5000, CX5900, CX6000, CX6300, CX6400, CX6500, CX6600, CX7300, CX7400, CX7700, CX7800, CX8300, CX8400, CX9300F, CX9400F

D: D68, D78, D88, D92, D120

DX: DX3800, DX3850, DX4000, DX4050, DX4200, DX4250, DX4800, DX4850, DX5000, DX5050, DX6000, DX6050, DX7400, DX7450, DX8400, DX8450, DX9400, DX9450

E: E-300, E-330, E-340, E-350, E-360, E-500, E-520, E-600, E-700, E-720, E-800

EP: EP-10VA, EP-301, EP-302, EP-306, EP-M570T, EP-702A, EP-703A, EP-705A, EP-706A, EP-707A, EP-708A, EP-709A, EP-775A, EP-776A, EP-777A, EP-801A, EP-802A, EP-803A, EP-804A, EP-805A, EP-806A, EP-807A, EP-808A, EP-901A, EP-901F, EP-902A, EP-902F, EP-903A, EP-903F, EP-904A, EP-904F, EP-905A, EP-905F, EP-906A, EP-906F, EP-907A, EP-907F, EP-4004, EP-976A3, EP-977A3, EP-978A3, EP-979A3

ET: ET-M1100, ET-M1108, ET-M1109, ET-1110, ET-1111, ET-1112, ET-1113, ET-1114, ET-1115, ET-1116, ET-1118, ET-M1120, ET-M1128, ET-M1129, ET-1810, ET-1811, ET-1812, ET-1813, ET-1814, ET-1815, ET-1816, ET-1818, ET-M2120, ET-M2128, ET-M2129, ET-2400, ET-2401, ET-2402, ET-2403, ET-2404, ET-2405, ET-2406, ET-2408, ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2610, ET-2650, ET-2700, ET-2701, ET-2702, ET-2703, ET-2704, ET-2705, ET-2706, ET-2708, ET-2710, ET-2711, ET-2712, ET-2713, ET-2714, ET-2715, ET-2716, ET-2718, ET-2720, ET-2721, ET-2722, ET-2723, ET-2724, ET-2725, ET-2726, ET-2728, ET-2750, ET-2751, ET-2756, ET-2760, ET-2800, ET-2801, ET-2802, ET-2803, ET-2804, ET-2805, ET-2806, ET-2808, ET-2810, ET-2811, ET-2812, ET-2813, ET-2814, ET-2815, ET-2816, ET-2818, ET-2820, ET-2821, ET-2822, ET-2823, ET-2824, ET-2825, ET-2826, ET-2828, ET-2850, ET-2851, ET-2853, ET-2855, ET-3600, ET-4500, ET-4550, ET-4700, ET-4800, ET-14000

EW: EW-052A, EW-M571T, EW-M660FT

K: K100, K101, K105, K200, K201, K205, K300, K301, K305

L: L100, L110, L111, L120, L130, L132, L200, L210, L211, L220, L222, L300, L301, L303, L308, L310, L312, L350, L351, L353, L355, L358, L360, L362, L364, L365, L366, L375, L380, L382, L385, L386, L395, L396, L405, L455, L456, L475, L485, L486, L495, L550, L551, L552, L553, L554, L555, L556, L557, L558, L559, L565, L566, L575, L605, L606, L655, L656, L800, L805, L810, L850, L1110, L1118, L1119, L1210, L1216, L1218, L1219, L1250, L1256, L1258, L1259, L1300, L1800, L3050, L3060, L3070, L3100, L3101, L3104, L3105, L3106, L3107, L3108, L3109, L3110, L3111, L3114, L3115, L3116, L3117, L3118, L3119, L3150, L3151, L3152, L3153, L3156, L3158, L3160, L3161, L3163, L3165, L3166, L3168, L3200, L3201, L3203, L3205, L3206, L3207, L3208, L3209, L3210, L3211, L3213, L3215, L3216, L3217, L3218, L3219, L3250, L3251, L3253, L3255, L3256, L3258, L3259, L3260, L3261, L3263, L3265, L3266, L3267, L3268, L3269, L3527, L4150, L4151, L4152, L4153, L4154, L4155, L4156, L4157, L4158, L4159, L4160, L4161, L4162, L4163, L4164, L4165, L4166, L4167, L4168, L4169, L4260, L4261, L4263, L4265, L4266, L4267, L4268, L4269, L5190, L5196, L5198, L5290, L5296, L5298

M: M100, M105, M200, M205, M1100, M1120, M2110, M2118, M2119, M2120, M2128, M2129

ME: ME-10, ME-32, ME-33, ME-35, ME-85, ME-100, ME-101, ME-200, ME-300, ME-301, ME-302, ME-303, ME-320, ME-330, ME-340, ME-400, ME-401

ME Office: ME Office 70, ME Office 80, ME Office 82WD, ME Office 85ND, ME Office 510, ME Office 520, ME Office 530, ME Office 560, ME Office 570, ME Office 600, ME Office 620, ME Office 650, ME Office 700, ME Office 900, ME Office 940, ME Office 960, ME Office 1100

NX: NX100, NX105, NX110, NX115, NX125, NX127, NX130, NXTX130, NX200, NX205, NXSX209, NX210, NX215, NX219, NX220, NX230, NX300, NX330, NX400, NX405, NX409, NX410, NX415, NX419, NX420, NX430, NX510, NX515, NX530, NX620, NX625, NX635

P: P50

PF: PF-71

Photo: Photo 785, Photo 820U, Photo 825, Photo 830U, Photo 890, Photo 895, Photo 900, Photo 915, Photo 925, Photo 935, Photo 950, Photo 960, Photo 1280, Photo 1290, Photo 1390, Photo 1400, Photo 1410, Photo 1430, Photo 1500W, Photo 2100, Photo 2200

PM: PM, PM100, PM200, PM210, PM215, PM225, PM235, PM240, PM245, PM250, PM260, PM270, PM280, PM290, PM300, PM310, PM400, PM-D770, PM-D800, PM-G800, PM-A820, PM-G820, PM-A840, PM-A840S, PM-G850, PM-G860, PM-A870, PM-D870, PM-A890, PM-A900, PM-A920, PM-A940, PM-A950, PM-T960, PM-A970, PM-T990, PM-3500C, PM-3700C, PM-4000PX, PM-G4500

PP: PP-50, PP-100

PX: PX-5V, PX-7V, PX-045A, PX-046A, PX-047A, PX-048A, PX-049A, PX-K100, PX-101, PX-105, PX-K150, PX-S170T, PX-S170UT, PX-201, PX-203, PX-204, PX-404A, PX-405A, PX-434A, PX-435A, PX-436A, PX-437A, PX-V500, PX-501A, PX-502A, PX-503A, PX-504A, PX-505F, PX-535F, PX-V600, PX-601F, PX-602F, PX-603F, PX-V630, PX-A640, PX650, PX-M650A, PX-M650F, PX659, PX660, PX-673F, PX-M680F, PX700W, PX-V700, PX-FA700, PX710W, PX-A720, PX720WD, PX730WD, PX-A740, PX-V780, PX800FW, PX810FW, PX820FWD, PX830FWD, PX-1001, PX-1004, PX-1200, PX-1600F, PX-1700F, PX-G5000, PX-G5100, PX-G5300, PX-5500, PX-5600

R: R200, R210, R220, R230, R240, R245, R250, R260, R265, R270, R280, R285, R290, R295, R300, R310, R320, R330, R340, R350, R360, R380, R390, R800, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880, R3000

RX: RX420, RX425, RX430, RX500, RX510, RX520, RX530, RX560, RX565, RX580, RX585, RX590, RX595, RX600, RX610, RX615, RX620, RX630, RX640, RX650, RX680, RX685, RX690, RX700

S: S20, S21, S22

SC: SC-PX5VII, SC-PX7VII, SC-P400, SC-P407, SC-P408, SC-P600, SC-P607, SC-P608

SX: SX100, SX105, SX110, SX115, SX117, SX119, SX125, SX130, SX200, SX205, SX209, SX210, SX215, SX218, SX219, SX230, SX235W, SX400, SX405, SX409, SX410, SX415, SX419, SX420W, SX425W, SX430W, SX435W, SX440W, SX510, SX515, SX525WD, SX535WD, SX600FW, SX610FW, SX620FW

T: T10, T11, T12, T13, T20, T21, T22, T23, T24, T25, T26, T27, T30, T33, T40W, T42WD, T50, T59, T60, T1100, T1110

TX: TX100, TX101, TX102, TX103, TX104, TX105, TX106, TX109, TX110, TX111, TX112, TX113, TX114, TX115, TX117, TX119, TX120, TXNX120, TX121, TX125, TX130, TX133, TX135, TX200, TX205, TX209, TX210, TX215, TX219, TX220, TX230, TX235, TX235W, TX300F, TX320F, TX325F, TX400, TX405, TX409, TX410, TX415, TX419, TX420W, TX430W, TX435W, TX510FN, TX515FN, TX525FW, TX550, TX560WD, TX600FW, TX610FW, TX620FWD, TX650, TX659, TX700W, TX710W, TX720WD, TX730WD, TX800FW, TX810FW, TX820FWD, TX830FWD

WF: WF-M1030, WF-M1138, WF-M1560, WF-2010, WF-2011, WF-2018, WF-2110, WF-2111, WF-2118, WF-2510, WF-2511, WF-2518, WF-2520, WF-2521, WF-2528, WF-2530, WF-2531, WF-2538, WF-2540, WF-2541, WF-2548, WF-2630, WF-2631, WF-2635, WF-2650, WF-2651, WF-2655, WF-2660, WF-2661, WF-2665, WF-2750, WF-2751, WF-2755, WF-2760, WF-2761, WF-2765, WF-3720, WF-3723, WF-3725, WF-3730, WF-3733, WF-3735, WF-7010, WF-7011, WF-7012, WF-7015, WF-7018, WF-7510, WF-7511, WF-7515, WF-7520, WF-7521, WF-7525

WorkForce: WorkForce 30, WorkForce 40, WorkForce 60, WorkForce 310, WorkForce 320, WorkForce 325, WorkForce 435, WorkForce 500, WorkForce 520, WorkForce 525, WorkForce 545, WorkForce 600, WorkForce 610, WorkForce 615, WorkForce 620, WorkForce 625, WorkForce 630, WorkForce 635, WorkForce 645, WorkForce 840, WorkForce 845, WorkForce 1100, Workforce ST-2000, Workforce ST-C2100

XP: XP-30, XP-33, XP-55, XP-100, XP-102, XP-103, XP-200, XP-201, XP-202, XP-203, XP-204, XP-205, XP-206, XP-207, XP-208, XP-210, XP-211, XP-212, XP-213, XP-214, XP-215, XP-216, XP-217, XP-220, XP-221, XP-225, XP-230, XP-231, XP-235, XP-240, XP-241, XP-242, XP-243, XP-245, XP-247, XP-255, XP-257, XP-300, XP-301, XP-302, XP-303, XP-305, XP-306, XP-310, XP-311, XP-312, XP-313, XP-315, XP-316, XP-320, XP-322, XP-323, XP-324, XP-325, XP-330, XP-332, XP-333, XP-334, XP-335, XP-340, XP-342, XP-343, XP-344, XP-345, XP-352, XP-355, XP-400, XP-401, XP-402, XP-403, XP-405, XP-406, XP-410, XP-411, XP-412, XP-413, XP-415, XP-416, XP-420, XP-421, XP-422, XP-423, XP-424, XP-425, XP-430, XP-431, XP-432, XP-433, XP-434, XP-435, XP-440, XP-441, XP-442, XP-443, XP-445, XP-446, XP-452, XP-455, XP-510, XP-520, XP-530, XP-540, XP-600, XP-601, XP-605, XP-610, XP-611, XP-615, XP-620, XP-621, XP-625, XP-630, XP-631, XP-635, XP-640, XP-641, XP-645, XP-700, XP-701, XP-702, XP-710, XP-720, XP-721, XP-750, XP-760, XP-800, XP-801, XP-802, XP-810, XP-820, XP-821, XP-830, XP-850, XP-860, XP-900, XP-950, XP-960, XP-2100, XP-2101, XP-2105, XP-2150, XP-2151, XP-2155, XP-7100

The reset and read counters function are NOT available for these models (adjustment functions only):

Artisan: Artisan 630

B: B300, B308, B310N, B500DN, B508DN, B510DN

CX: CX4300, CX4400, CX4450, CX5500, CX5600

DX: DX4400, DX4450

EC: EC-C110, EC-4020, EC-4030, EC-4040, EC-C7000

EP: EP-30VA, EP-704A, EP-810A, EP-879A, EP-880A, EP-982A3

ET: ET-2830, ET-2831, ET-2832, ET-2833, ET-2834, ET-2835, ET-2836, ET-2838, ET-3700, ET-3710, ET-3750, ET-3760, ET-3800, ET-3830, ET-3850, ET-4750, ET-4760, ET-4810, ET-4850, ET-5170, ET-5800, ET-5850, ET-5880, ET-7700, ET-7750, ET-8500, ET-8550, ET-8700, ET-15000, ET-16150, ET-16500, ET-16600, ET-M16600, ET-16650, ET-16680, ET-M16680, ET-18100

EW: EW-452A, EW-M530F, EW-M630T, EW-M634T, EW-M670FT, EW-M674FT, EW-M770T, EW-M873T, EW-M5071FT, EW-M5610FT, EW-M970A3T, EW-M973A3T

L: L1455, L3550, L3556, L3558, L5590, L5596, L5598, L6160, L6161, L6168, L6170, L6171, L6178, L6190, L6191, L6198, L6260, L6266, L6268, L6269, L6270, L6276, L6278, L6279, L6290, L6296, L6298, L6299, L6490, L6496, L6498, L6499, L6550, L6551, L6558, L6570, L6571, L6578, L6580, L6581, L6588, L7160, L7168, L7180, L7188, L8050, L8058, L8160, L8168, L8180, L8188, L11160, L11168, L14150, L14158, L15150, L15158, L15160, L15168, L15180, L15188, L18050, L18058

M: M1140, M1170, M1180, M2140, M2170, M2180, M3140, M3170, M3180, M15140, M15146, M15147, M15148, M15180, M15186, M15187, M15188

PF: PF-70, PF-81

PX: PX-S05, PX-S06, PX-M160T, PX-S160T, PX-205, PX-S380, PX-M380F, PX-S381L, PX-M381FL, PX-605F, PX-675F, PX-M740F, PX-M741F, PX-M780F, PX-M781F, PX-M791FT, PX-S840, PX-M840F, PX-M860F, PX-S884, PX-M884F, PX-S5040, PX-M5040F, PX-M5041F, PX-S5080, PX-M5080F, PX-M5081F, PX-M6010F, PX-M6011F, PX-S6710T, PX-M6711FT, PX-M6712FT, PX-M7050, PX-S7050, PX-M7050FP, PX-S7050PS

SC: SC-PX1V, SC-PX1VL, SC-PX3V, SC-P700, SC-P708, SC-P800, SC-P900, SC-P908

ST: ST-C8000, ST-C8090

WF: WF-100, WF-110, WF-2810, WF-2811, WF-2815, WF-2820, WF-2821, WF-2825, WF-2830, WF-2831, WF-2835, WF-2840, WF-2841, WF-2845, WF-2850, WF-2851, WF-2855, WF-2860, WF-2861, WF-2865, WF-2870, WF-2871, WF-2875, WF-2880, WF-2881, WF-2885, WF-3010, WF-3011, WF-3012, WF-3510, WF-3511, WF-3512, WF-3520, WF-3521, WF-3522, WF-3530, WF-3531, WF-3532, WF-3540, WF-3541, WF-3542, WF-3620, WF-3621, WF-3622, WF-3640, WF-3641, WF-3642, WF-3820, WF-3823, WF-3824, WF-3825, WF-4630, WF-4636, WF-4640, WF-R4640, WF-4646, WF-4720, WF-4723, WF-4724, WF-4725, WF-4730, WF-4733, WF-4734, WF-4735, WF-4740, WF-4743, WF-4744, WF-4745, WF-4820, WF-4823, WF-4824, WF-4825, WF-4830, WF-4833, WF-4834, WF-4835, WF-5110, WF-5111, WF-5113, WF-5190, WF-M5190, WF-R5190, WF-5191, WF-5193, WF-M5198, WF-M5199, WF-C5210, WF-C5290, WF-M5290, WF-C5290BA, WF-C5290BAM, WF-M5298, WF-M5299, WF-M5299BAM, WF-5620, WF-5621, WF-5623, WF-5690, WF-M5690, WF-R5690, WF-5691, WF-5693, WF-M5698, WF-M5699, WF-C5710, WF-C5790, WF-C5790BA, WF-M5799, WF-M5799BAM, WF-6090, WF-6091, WF-6093, WF-6530, WF-6531, WF-6533, WF-6590, WF-6591, WF-6593, WF-7110, WF-7111, WF-7115, WF-7210, WF-7211, WF-7215, WF-7310, WF-7311, WF-7315, WF-7610, WF-7611, WF-7615, WF-7620, WF-7621, WF-7625, WF-7710, WF-7715, WF-7720, WF-7725, WF-7820, WF-7828, WF-7830, WF-7838, WF-7840, WF-7848, WF-8010, WF-8090, WF-8093, WF-8510, WF-8590, WF-8593, WF-C8610

WorkForce: Workforce ST-3000, Workforce ST-4000, Workforce ST-C4100, Workforce ST-5000, Workforce ST-7000

XP: XP-970, XP-3100, XP-3101, XP-3105, XP-3150, XP-3151, XP-3155, XP-4100, XP-4101, XP-4105, XP-4150, XP-4151, XP-4155, XP-5100, XP-5101, XP-5105, XP-5150, XP-5151, XP-5155, XP-6000, XP-6100, XP-8500, XP-8600, XP-15000, XP-15080

The Reset function is NOT available. Reading counters and adjustments are available in these models:

PX: PX-B700, PX-K701, PX-B750F, PX-K751F

WP: WP-4010, WP-4011, WP-M4011, WP-4015, WP-M4015, WP-4020, WP-4022, WP-4023, WP-4025, WP-4090, WP-4091, WP-4092, WP-4095, WP-M4095, WP-4511, WP-4515, WP-4520, WP-4521, WP-M4521, WP-4525, WP-M4525, WP-4530, WP-4531, WP-4532, WP-4533, WP-4535, WP-4540, WP-4545, WP-4590, WP-4592, WP-4595, WP-M4595